2005年9月27日(火)− 10月22日(土)
セゾン現代美術館 東京事務所 SMMA FACTORY (東京)

Sep.27(Tue) - Oct.22(Sat), 2005
Sezon Museum of Modern Art Tokyo office SMMA FACTORY,Tokyo






In cultural anthropology, there is the word "trickster". It is a social outsider, a fool, a clown, or a god, or a fairy etc. Accompanying its unknown action, it breaks old standard and create new standard. It stands for existence that is not only cruel but also great. It is a creator and a destroyer, a giver and a robber, one threatens and one threatened. It doesn't have moralistic and social value. It acts by the impulse controlled with passion and the appetite. There is neither goodness nor badness, but it is responsible for the both ?. To be drawn to the charm of this mysterious existence with two-facedness opposed extremely that appears in the myth and the legend, it might be because it talks to the instinct in the interior of me that intensely denies boredom with this uniform daily life.

Mitsumasa Kadota