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<ART TODAY 2007>
Oct.6(Sat) - Nov.25(Sun), 2007
Sezon Museum of Modern Art,Karuizawa





The painting as the attitude to the times

The motif which is drawn based on the memory and the first experience that is already faded, and episode and impression that I encountered at times, undergoes a metamorphosis toward the new vision beyond expectation, completely different from the original shape, after painting repeatedly through combining light and shade, thin and dense, weak and strong colors and touches of brush. The repetition of the action of this distortion and encroachment seems to suggest the gloomy anxiety of the times, that I can't help feeling. Facing current bottomless dark spread with negative response or chain of public mental situation, such as absurdity, contradiction, or anxiety, irritation, etc., I hope that is a painting which is asking what the essence of human soul is, as the attitude to this age.