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Like spring visiting as winter passes, like hopes and dreams bursting into a new year, colors overcome status quo structures and limitations and are reborn as paintings. Landscapes that can only be created by leaping past worldly boundaries—I want to connect with the potential of such expression.

Taking Japan’s unique role in art, informed by its isolation geographically and historically from the rest of the world, and using it as a springboard to develop new perspective, to explore the far reaches of history and the future, to create freedom of expression that surpasses time and space—this is the dream that bubbles inside of me today.

In recent years, I have focused on a new series—creating new meaning by revising incomplete works, through the ebb and flow of brushwork and color. I look to express myself in several styles that have never been seen before, searching for purpose that lives beyond the paintings of our time.

Mitsumasa Kadota





2018年 門田光雅


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